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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Politician's New Year's Resolution, 2012

Elections are right around the corner. Let the hilarity begin.

A Politician's New Year's Resolution, 2012
By Ruben Rivera
Heavenly Minded & Earthly Good blog©
31 December 2011

I resolve not to be the lackey of deep
pocket interests, but to serve the common
people who still believe their vote actually
matters. Though I do owe favors to the
special interests without whom I would
not be here. But as soon as I take care of
them, it's all about the people, so help me,
or may my right hand sprout mushrooms.

 I resolve not to sell out my values to
every trade wind of political expediency
or the corrupting lure of conflict of
interest enrichment opportunities.
But I am also a realist. After all, the
world is thus and thus must we live
in the world. That aside, I shall preserve
my values inviolate, or may my taste
buds switch places with my bile ducts.

 As a politician who's been an outsider
in Washington for years, I resolve to
take the politics out of politics and
work with my colleagues across the
isle for the good of the country --
after all, the things that unite us are
greater than the things that divide us --
assuming I can find someone from the
other party with a brain-stem. These
I resolve to fulfill, or may my tongue
forever be forced to speak the truth. 

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crazy Gift

By Ruben Rivera©
Heavenly Minded & Earthly Good blog
22 December 2011

The gift that
was too big
too small
not the right color
not the famous brand
deemed obsolescent
in a society of planned obsolescence

The gift with
no material face value
like store coupons 
that will get you half off 
on milk and honey but are 
not exchangeable for money 
why don't they just give us the money

The gift waiting
in long lines for a refund or
exchanged for what we really want or
accepted from the giver with a diplomatic smile
then promptly disappeared like some political dissident
and years later we can say
with a straight face that we still have it

The gift from
that crazy God
crazy and crudely in love
like the child that makes a clay handprint
crude as all get out and wrapped even more crudely
yet the most cherished object on the parent's mantle

A crazy gift
for this crazy world
that has everything and nothing
the only gift you can
take with you